Angelbird Ssd Wrk For Mac

SSD wrk for Mac MK2. The Angelbird SSD Manager shows you a live view of the TRIM activity happening on the disks in your computer. Includes the SSD2go driver.

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  2. Angelbird Ssd Work For Mac Pro
  1. The Angelbird internal SSD WRK ECO for Mac can easily give a dramatic boost in performance. This 2.5-inch SSD is designed for daily use in your MacBook, MacBook Pro or iMac. The SSD WRK ECO for Mac incorporates high performance and reliability for all your applications and is specially optimized for the Mac.
  2. Angelbird SSD wrk XT for Mac 1TB n today’s fast-paced work world, maintaining an efficient and productive workflow is essential to your success. As your colleagues, employers, or clients expect speed and quality from you, you should expect the same from.

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Angelbird Ssd Wrk For Mac

Portable SSD - for your Mobile Workflow and Data Protection

Angelbird Ssd2go Pkt

Our lives are busier than ever and we're always on the move. The technology we carry with us — those indispensable devices that go where we go — must be rugged, reliable and easy to take along. And a touch of style never hurts.


Lustenau, October 17, 2014: Angelbird, Austria's premium SSD manufacturer and hardwrk, specialist for MacBook® Upgrade Kits, now offer an attractive bundle containing a SSD wrk for Mac® and a SATA3 Adapter Kit for MacBook (Pro).

Angelbird Ssd Work For Mac Pro

The bundle allows users to benefit from all the advantages of the SSD wrk for Mac and the SATA3 Adapter Kit for MacBook (Pro). Angelbird's SSD wrk for Mac is the only third party SSD that supports TRIM for Mac out of the box. The combination with hardwrks SATA3 Adapter Kit for MacBook (Pro) allows for interesting configuration options. You can either use the strong performance of the SSD wrk for Mac in a set-up that is designed for maximum speed or in a Fusion Drive. Customers can choose between the capacities 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB.

Wide range of accessories facilitates the upgrade

The bundle contains the SSD wrk for Mac and the SATA3 adapter as well as everything else needed for the upgrade, including two precision screwdrivers, an external USB DVD drive case, an electric spudger and a detailed installation guide. Inexperienced users will be able to do the installation using the step-by-step instruction without any problems. However, if problems occur, customers can take advantage of the free and fast hardwrk e-mail support.

The SSD wrk for Mac is ideal to upgrade older Apple models to the ultra-fast SSD technology. Specifically the device is equipped with native TRIM support, a feature that works straight out of the box. The installation of additional software, drivers or TRIM enabler is completely eliminated.

In the SSD wrk for Mac the Austrians use an ultra-fast SATA 3.1 6Gb/s interface, which is fully compatible with older Apple set-ups and operating systems. The read speed is up to 563MB/s, sustained writing speed is up to 450MB/s. The SSD wrk for Mac delivers 72,000 IOPS (Input/Output operations per second) and the access time is less than 0.1 milliseconds. The SSD wrk for Mac uses the SMI 2246EN controller and the case is made of high quality, matte black anodized aluminum, housing custom packed Multi-Level-Cell NANDs. Durability is guaranteed by the MTBF of at least 2 million hours. High reliability is also provided by the integrated EDC and ECC error correction capabilities. Customer security is provided by the five-year warranty.


Available through Angelbird web shop

Angelbird offers its customers the opportunity to register for the Personal Support Portal (PSP) via the serial number of their device. The PSP provides information such as the remaining warranty period. In addition, the PSP offers free downloads of full versions of current programs. The software is constantly expanding with new titles and technical assistance will also be offered in the near future via the PSP. Warranty or repair cases can be handled entirely on the portal.

The bundle of SSD wrk for Mac and SATA3 Adapter Kit for MacBook (Pro) is now available through the Angelbird web shop.

In the bundle, the SSD wrk for Mac is available in the 128-gigabyte version for 159.99 USD, the 256 gigabyte version for 219.99 USD and the 512 gigabyte top-model for 366.99 USD (all prices ex. VAT).

About Angelbird

Angelbird Technologies GmbH is a hi-tech company based in the Austrian region Vorarlberg. 'Made in Austria': Angelbird handles all stages of development and manufacture of its products in-house. Highest quality and performance are the major objectives for all Angelbird products. The team behind Angelbird is young, experienced and passionate, with a love for quality and attention to detail.

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