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We started making our games for both PC and Mac with Game #22 Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister. At this time, HeR Interactive is developing all of our new games for the Mac, as well as PC. I wish we had more games available for the Mac, but as we are a small company, the cost of converting our older games is prohibitive. Non-profit organization serving the online community by providing old versions of various programs. You are shopping Microsoft Store in: South Africa - English. Are you looking for Microsoft Store in: United States - English? SimTown is a 1995 personal computer game published by Maxis, much like the best selling SimCity and Sims but on a smaller scale. SimTown allows the player to construct a town consisting of streets, houses, businesses and parks and then control the people in it.

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Adventure Games:

007 Goldfinger1986
The player must stop Auric Goldfinger from taking the world's gold supply, stop the destruction of Kentucky, deal with Pussy Galore and even a fight with Oddjob. Not much for old 007 to do actually - it's all in a day's work (or is it adventure)? ...

101 Dalmatians Escape From DeVil Manor1997
Imagine being an orphaned Dalmatian puppy and being 'dognapped' (along with 100 of your puppy friends) by Cruella DeVil's two bumbling henchmen and thrown into the decrepit mansion that was once her childhood home. In Disney's 101 Dalmatians: Escape from DeVil Manor, you are an orphaned Dalmatian puppy named Patches....

11th Hour, The1995
It can be hard to judge a point-and-click adventure fairly. Obviously, the game isn't going to get the rating it deserves due to its slow nature. Although those factors don't combine well, in the case of Trilobyte's The 11th Hour, there are some very strong points that need to be...

15 Days2009

20000 Leagues Under the Sea1988
Based on the Jules Verne novel, this graphic adventure provides a first-person perspective on the realm of Captain Nemo and his enormous submarine craft, The Nautilus. Players guide three brave explorers -- marine biologist Pierre Aronnax, his assistant Conseil, and the rough-and-tumble seaman Ned Land -- who had boarded the...

3 Cards to Dead Time2010

3 Cards to Midnight2009
Three Cards to Midnight tells the story of Jess Silloway, a woman who comes down with amnesia on the eve of her 30th birthday. When she regains awareness, she finds herself sitting in a room with a strange man who is laying out a series of Tarot cards. Each card...

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3 Skulls of the Toltecs1996
Released in 1996, 3 Skulls of the Toltecs is a cartoon adventure game in the style of LucasArts' The Secret of Monkey Island. Unlike the popular Monkey Island, however, this game seems to have had very little impact on the adventure playing community. Perhaps its style was already considered dated...

5 Days a Stranger2003
5 Days a Stranger is a point-and-click adventure game that was made in 2003 by Fully Ramblomatic. This game was the first adventure game I ever played and is still one of my favorites. Cat burglar Trilby got more than he bargained for when he broke into the DeFoe Mansion....

6 Days a Sacrifice2007

7 Days a Skeptic2004
7 Days a Skeptic is the very good 2004 sequel to 5 Days a Stranger. Like its predecessor, this is one of my favorite AGS and adventure games. Definitely worth a try. Many centuries have passed since the DeFoe Manor incident. It is now no more than folklore and forgotten...

7 days and 7 nights1994
Seven Days and Seven Nights, hereafter referred to as 7D7N, is by no means a well known game. In fact it's quite obscure, and unquestionably set to remain that way. Published in 1994, it is one of the very first Czech commercial adventure games. It reflects the humble beginnings of...

7th Guest, The1993
Every now and again there is a game that totally revolutionizes its genre. Take Civilization for instance. That game is one of the most, if not the most popular turn-based strategy game of all time. Its simplistic and well thought out gameplay captivated an entire legion of fans. The same...

80 Days2005
Based on the famous Jules Verne novel, Le Tour du Monde en Quatre-vingts Jours (Around the World in 80 Days), this graphic adventure returns players to 1899 and places them in the role of Oliver Lavisheart, a forward young man who wagers that he can circumnavigate the globe within the...

9: The Last Resort1996
Thurston Last is dead. His lawyers, in accordance with his last will and testament, have identified you the player as his next-of-kin, and have awarded you control of his mysterious and failing mansion, The Last Resort. As you take possession of your inheritance, you discover strange and destructive forces hard...

Download Old Computer Games For Mac

You wake up in bed. A reassuring start and one familiar from several games. You are spared the precision maneuvering that was required in Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy; instead, if you pick up the phone you receive a message urging you to work. It is 9:05 and you have...

A Case for Cap & Co.1997
Karen Lucre is in a fix! Zak, her little dog has been kidnapped! The kidnappers are asking for a huge ransom. Zak is in a great danger. Time is running out and Karen's parents are on holiday... it's obviously A Case for Cap and Co! Together with Cap, Billy, Karen and...

Abbey, The1993
You are one of the leading scholars of XIV century France, who is sent on a special mission by the king and the pope to investigate the Abbey of Montglane. The recent fire damaged the abbey and burned several old manuscripts, you're tasked to recover ten treasures that couldn't be...

Abducted: 10 Minutes2004
Abducted: 10 Minutes is a very cool adventure game that more than makes up for its short length by interesting, logical puzzles and exciting real-time gameplay. You play Detective Michael Ebb, who was watching TV at home when the programming is interrupted by a group of terrorists whom you put...

Ace Ventura1996
Based on the series of comedy films starring Jim Carrey, the PC version of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is a point-and-click adventure in which you take on the role of Ace, who's out to solve a case involving endangered animals. Game play requires players to visit areas, gather clues, interact...

Acheton is a home computer conversion of the mainframe adventure of the same name. Similar to Zork (which was released on the VAX mainframe not long before Acheton's original appearance), it is a fantasy treasure hunt set in a claustrophobic dungeon. It boasts over 400 rooms and 200 objects, thereby...

Ad Verbum2000
The city finally having secured an eviction notice, the demolition contractor is contractually obligated to conduct an inventory of the Wizard of Wordplay's manor before knocking it down, clearing the spooky space for cheap condos or a mini-mall. The only problem is that with his peculiar and punny powers pervading...


Pc Mac Games Download

Adventure Fun-Pak1987
In 1989, Apogee released two 'Fun-Paks,' Adventure Fun-Pak and Puzzle Fun-Pak, priced at $10 each. Each 'pack' contains 4 games that were submitted to Apogee by outside authors, although most of the games were designed by Apogee's Scott Miller. Most of these games are ASCII-only games with minimal or no...

Adventure Games1986
Adventure Games is a collection of four text adventures of varying quality, released as a package by Public Brand Software in 1986. Of interesting historical value is the fact that Public Brand (better known as PBS) was one of the first major shareware distributors. This compilation includes William Crowther's and...

Adventure in Humongous Cave1993
How to best demonstrate the capabilities of your text adventure authoring system (the Master's Edition of the Adventure Game Toolkit) but to port the latest and greatest hit title using it? Well, one outta two ain't bad -- the programmer focused on re-implementing ADVENTURE, the revolutionary mid-'70s faux-fantasy treasure-collecting cave...

Adventure in Serenia1982
The IBM port of Sierra's Apple II game 'The Wizard and the Princess', where you must rescue a princess imprisoned by an evil wizard. Classic text and graphics with 2-word parser game. ...

Adventure XT2007
The sinister wizard Mordimar, having come into possession of the powerful magical artifact the Orb of Destiny, is slowly sapping the life-force from the forests of Blarg. Your goal: to retrieve the Orb, for the sake of the blighted woods! Author Paul Panks is known in IF circles for having settled...

Adventureland is the first of Scott Adams' text adventures. Using simple two word commands you explore an enchanted world, solve puzzles and try to recover 13 lost treasures. The game's display is different from other adventure games like Zork: The Great Underground Empire in that the screen is divided into...

Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment2005
Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment (GFW in short) is one of the best freeware adventure games ever made, period. Aside from superb humor, entertaining plot, and fun puzzles, Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw has succeeded in melding cross-genre elements that made games like Star Control so endearing. GFW is the...

Adventures of Alice who Went Through the Looking-Glass and Came Back Though Not Much Changed, The1986
As in the Lewis Carroll work, Victorian girlchild Alice Liddell avoids doing her tedious homework ('Could there possibly be' you think 'a better day to go out and play and avoid studying Mathematics?') by escaping into a whimsical wonderland filled with bizarre characters. Many of the major characters (Cheshire Cat,...

Adventure Games:

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Available Platforms: Windows, Mac OSX

Halo: Combat Evolved is a sci-fi first-person shooter created by Bungie Studios for Microsoft and released for the Xbox in 2001, then ported to Windows and Macintosh by GearBox in ...


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OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated25 May 2020

Game Review

Halo: Combat Evolved is a sci-fi first-person shooter created by Bungie Studios for Microsoft and released for the Xbox in 2001, then ported to Windows and Macintosh by GearBox in 2003.

We usually publish games that are at least 20 years old, but this time we made an exception. After so many requests, since the game is currently not available on GOG or Steam, we decided to make this gift for all the fans of GamesNostalgia. You can now play Halo, one of the best games ever created, the game made the Xbox a success.

The Windows version includes Patch 1.0.10; it supports modern video cards and all kind of screen resolutions. It works on Windows 7/10, and GameSpy support is removed (since it's not active anymore). Just run the setup and install the game. That's it.

Download Old Computer Games For Mac

But Mac owners will be happy too. The Mac version does not use emulators; it's the universal binary, perfectly working on Mac OSX Mojave. We also added the patch to update the game to version 2.0.4. Install the game, then install the patch and enter the serial. Alternatively, if the Universal Binary doesn't work for you, you can try HaloMD. It will allows to play Halo on your Mac in multiplayer mode, and install mods.

Time to become Master Chief and defeat the Covenants!

Note for Catalina users: MacOS Catalina removed support for 32bit apps. so Halo, like many other old games, won't work (nor the Universal or the HaloMD).

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