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Microsoft Excel is one of the most efficient yet complicated programs offered by Microsoft. Getting a Microsoft Suite can be expensive, especially if you need.

Robust word processor for documents, books, diagrams, and indexes. Fully compatible. If you are a solid Apple lover and got used to its ecosystem, then having Numbers on your devices will be a good Excel alternative for Mac. Numbers comes in a sleek Apple-signature design. Although it is not as powerful as Excel or Google Sheets yet, Numbers can do the basic information-computing tasks. Thanks, but, as noted above, SendKeys does not work on Excel for Mac. In other words, even if I wanted to use it, I cannot. That is why I asked for 'the most efficient alternative /.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most efficient yet complicated programs offered by Microsoft. Getting a Microsoft Suite can be expensive, especially if you need to pay it yourself. But, there are a lot of other alternatives available with almost the same functionalities which you can use instead of Microsoft Excel

In this article, we will mention six free and economical option for Microsoft excel:


Alternative Excel Macro

LibreOffice is a free and Open Source Software which comes with an intuitive and easy to use interface. It offers feature-rich tools to help you improve your productivity and efficiently perform tasks. LibreOffice is the right choice for Mac and PC if you want to do some basic number balancing.

WPS Office

WPS Office is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, and it is available for both Mac and PC. WPS Office is a very user-friendly program if you want to access some basic features. It is highly compatible with Microsoft Office, Google Documents, and Adobe PDF. WPS Office is available in 8 languages for PC and 46 languages for Android. It also provides customized templates as per user requirements.


Google Sheets

Google Sheets enables you to create, edit, and collaborate in real-time for free. Google Sheet also provides a bonus where you can use it as a part of a browser. Google Sheets can be accessed on both Mac and PC.


Numbers is a Mac specified program that enables you to make beautiful and impressive spreadsheets. You can save your Workbooks in multiple formats, which allows you to access any spreadsheet with Numbers. It offers various templates that can be used by beginners. Numbers support numerous functions and can perform complex calculations as well. With its intuitive tool, you can figure out formulas, filter the data, and perform some functions. You can also represent your data with interactive graphs and labeled numbers.


Alternative For Excel For Mac

Thinkfree is an alternative office suite that allows you to edit presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. Thinkfree offers three segments; Word, Show, and Calc. It looks and functions very similar to MS Office. Its spreadsheet function is much easier to learn than other similar programs like Excel. Thinkfree offers online tutorials in Spanish only. It can create a language barrier for people who cannot understand Spanish.


Gnumeric is an open-source program that can be used to prepare spreadsheets effortlessly. Because of its open-source feature, developers can make practical changes. Gnumeric offers features for both beginners as well as experts. However, Gnumeric can only be accessed on a PC.

Excel Alternative For Mac


Microsoft Excel comes with a lot of complex features and is a frequently used program for business requirements. But if you don’t want to spend a hefty amount on Microsoft subscriptions, then you can check out the programs mentioned above, which offer almost the same functions and features.

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