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Lightshot is a multiplatform tool. It is available for Windows or Mac, and can operate on various browsers—Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera. Lightshot Chrome will work with Chrome OS or any other OS capable of running chrome. There is no Lightshot app specifically for Linux, but you can run it using Wine. Download Lightshot for free. Download for Windows. Download for Mac. Lightshot tutorials. How to install Lightshot for Windows. Screenshot options. How to share your screenshot on Facebook. How to copy a screenshot immediately. How to save a screenshot immediately. Using editor tools. Lightshot app loved by millions of users world wide on both Windows and Mac platforms and it's coming to Android world now. Take screenshots instantaneously by hinting Power+Volume down phone buttons or turn on floating button and have screenshot one just one tap away. All usual features we all come to love in Windows and Mac apps are available on Android as well.

Screenshots come in handy to show something that’d be harder to explain in words. You may have spotted them in tutorials, software reviews, tech support troubleshooting, or when you want to share your screen image and save snippets that you can’t easily print.

While you can take a screenshot on your computer using the native screen capturing tools and keyboard shortcuts, a time comes when your requirements get more advanced. That’s when you turn to specialized screen capturing tools.

Most free screenshot tools are available for Windows. That's why we are going an extra mile to get a few good ones for Mac owners as well.

We have compiled the five free screenshot tools you can use to get you started.

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1. Skitch

This screenshot tool from the folks at Evernote performs screen capture and markup among other tasks, and edit the image too.

You can annotate screenshots with arrows, shapes, text, and stamps, perform basic cropping without using an external image editor, and save them in eight formats, which includes PNG, JPEG, GIF, and more.

Also included is the camera mode feature for taking selfies with your webcam, and then dress it up with a host of editing tools including call-outs, highlights, pixellation to blur personal information and more.

After that, you can share your creations via social media accounts, AirDrop, FTP, or Notes.

Skitch isn't without its drawbacks, though. From my time with this tool, I've found that I can't open more than one image at a time to annotate or edit.

For Mac, it's also not possible to save snaps to the local drive; the export command is used instead.

Download Skitch

2. Monosnap

This free screen capturing program only lets you snap full screen or a selected area, and it comes with a few good enhancements. So what if may not have capture options as robust as Skitch? It's still mighty useful.

The few of the coolest features are a timer, auto upload selection that captures screenshots and sends them automatically to FTP or cloud storage, screen recording captures, and selfie mode.

Its powerful editor lets you annotate your image using text, lines, arrows, cropping, drawings, and even redact personal or sensitive information. If you want a sneak peek of your snaps, the Preview feature lets you do that with the click of a button.

You can also rename your snaps and keep them in order before saving them as JPG or PNG files, and share them if you want on social media.

Monosnap is available for Windows and Mac, or you can download the Chrome extension and use it in your browser.

Download Monosnap
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3. ShareX

ShareX is a free screenshot tool (for Windows), but it isn’t as simple as using the native options for Windows or Mac. If you’re able to work your way around its interface though, you’ll find an extensive array of useful tools buried somewhere in its slightly messy interface.

Besides the different capture techniques like choosing specific regions, windows, or monitors, you can select from a variety of shapes and capture the particular area you want.

Once you’re done, you can edit using the in-house image editor. Apart from that, the editor lets you annotate, pixelate, add text, shapes, and more to your snap.

The “Scrolling Capture” option so you can screenshot a long document in any application, or capture any web address using the Webpage Capture tool.

ShareX also lets you add watermarks, blur personal or sensitive information, copy, upload, and even shorten and share the links to the images wherever you want.

It integrates with a spread of cloud storage services, and online services like Flickr, Imgur, and more than 80 other destinations.

Download ShareX

4. Lightshot

Like Monosnap, this tool lives in your system tray until you’re ready to use it.

The app packs a miniature editor for adding notes, annotations, and highlights to your snaps. After that, you can upload them to where you can backup and share them via links.

Monosnap is an easy to use, and lightweight but is heavily loaded. The only drawback I found is that all screenshots uploaded to the cloud are open to the public. So it’s easy for others whom you shared links with to access your snaps with a few tweaks to the URL.

Download Lightshot

Lightshot Free Download

5. Nimbus Capture: Screenshot

Nimbus Capture is a free, browser-based screenshot tool you can use on Chrome or Firefox, but also as an application for Windows and Mac.

It can capture fullscreen, an entire webpage, or selected region depending on what you want. Like other tools listed here, Nimbus Capture also offers annotation and editing tools. Also, you get a special markup tools like number stamps which can be useful for tech support tutorials or other things.

After editing the screenshots, you can print them or save to your clipboard, drive, or cloud storage for easy sharing.

A desktop version is available that offers screencasting for video recording based on the desired section of your screen, which you can access from your iOS device or the web.

Download Nimbus Capture
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Take Better Screenshots

Windows and Mac may have their native screenshot tools, but when you need more advanced features to annotate and edit your snaps, you can always choose any of the five listed here. The best part is they’re free to download and use, so you’re sure to find something that’ll fit your needs.

We’d love to hear your recommendations on other free screenshot tools you use that didn’t make it to our list. Tell us in a comment below.

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Lightshot screenshot download

If you’re looking for a simple app to capture, edit, and share screenshots, Lightshot fits the bill. Lightshot is a screenshot tool that allows you to capture a customizable image of your screen with options to easily share or upload it. It is a multiplatform program supported by Windows, Mac, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The lightweight and simple user interface makes it a popular tool to quickly capture a screenshot and do so much more before instantly uploading it to the cloud or sharing it across Google + or social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Capture the full screen or a selected window, and let the PrtScr key screenshot the image to upload to and get a short url. The speed and ease of use make it useful for remote collaboration on team projects.

The fastest screenshot app on the market

Ultrasimple screen shot capture, highly efficient and reliable.

Lightshot is an excellent screenshot tool and arguably one of the best on the market. In fact, the Lightshot 2.0 free version has earned awards and contains the same core engine as Sagelight, enabling several editing functions simultaneously. It is not without its flaws, however. Let’s cover the positive aspects of this cutting-edge program.

Firstly, it is extremely lightweight. Download it in just mere seconds. Taking up very little space on your computer, the program uses few resources while running in the background. It’s the fastest way to take an easily customizable screenshot. In just two clicks, you can capture whole or part of your screen, edit it in any place, before saving it to your computer, uploading it to the cloud, or sharing it on multi-platforms. To access your screenshots, simply create an account by clicking 'sign in'. (You need a Google or Facebook account). Once you download Lightshot, just use the PrtScr key to save your screen. Press down on the mouse and voilà – SCREENSHOT. There’s no need to open the application each time. Just look for the purple feather icon at the top or bottom right-hand side of your screen. The tool provides all you need for simple, effective on-the-spot editing: hotkeys include a pen, arrow, blur and brush features, and my favorite, the rectangle! Really ideal for some instant and clear highlighting.

Another awesome feature is that by simply holding down the Ctrl key as you take the screenshot, you instantly copy the image to your clipboard. Use Ctrl+A to capture the whole screen. Paste it into Word, Paint, Photoshop etc, for more complex editing. Ctrl+S hotkey will save your screenshot as JPG, PNG or BMP. Or, click “upload” to share it with colleagues or friends, or save it on the cloud. Now cue the major negative feature.

The default setting will let you automatically upload screenshots to the cloud. Bad news. Why? The convenience of the short url comes at a sacrifice of data privacy, with anyone being able to see your image. Another drawback of this otherwise excellent software is the limited formats to store the images. Lightshot can only capture static images and does not support video. You may experience trouble changing language; be prepared to possibly reload the page with /en to get the right language.

Where can you run this program?

Lightshot is a multiplatform tool. It is available for Windows or Mac, and can operate on various browsers—Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera. Lightshot Chrome will work with Chrome OS or any other OS capable of running chrome. There is no Lightshot app specifically for Linux, but you can run it using Wine. It has also tested compatible with Ubuntu Linux. A mobile version of Lightshot is also available for android and iOS phones. While it is running in the background of your computer, the app will hide in your bar, with a feather-like icon.

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Is there a better alternative?

Lightshot isn’t the only screenshot tool in town. Puush is a highly rated screenshot app with one hotkey combo that allows for instant, linkable screenshots. Simple but effective. Greenshot is a much-lauded app for instantly capturing images, but it cannot match Lightshot’s ability to preset the capture window size. ShareX offers itself up as a great alternative, being popular among gamers due to its ability to screenshot games and provide custom domains. Of course, before you even download an app, you can enjoy built-in features to do the job for you: the PrtScr in combination with Ctrl + Alt will allow you to screenshot everything or just the active monitor or window. As a free open source software that is surprisingly light given the features, ShareX is an impressive tool. However, at the end of the day, with its easily-located purple brush, and instant sharing, Lightshot wins on the user-friendly front.

Our take

For quick and easy image capture, and instant editing and sharing for work or pleasure, Lightshot is probably the best screenshot app on the market. Sure, ShareX has more features, or the preinstalled Windows Snipping Tools does the job, but Lightshot beats the others for its ease of use.

Should you download it?

Lightshot Download For Mac

Yes, but whether or not Lightshot is the screenshot app for you depends on what you need. For basic screenshots, use the built-in screenshot tool on your computer or laptop. For complex editing, check out the alternatives. For simple editing and instant sharing however, take advantage of Lightshot. The essential hot keys provide all you need for effective highlighting, and it is ultralight to run. What’s the catch? The unsecured short urls are a privacy issue (it would be great if they added a 'blur' feature allowing you to anonymize sections of your screenshot before uploading it).For easily edited screenshots, Lightshot is worth a shot!


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