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RiffWorks Quick Start

TONEPORT GX DRIVER FOR MAC DOWNLOAD - After firmly establishing its POD range of hardware amp simulators as a ubiquitous, industry standard of sorts, Line 6 now seems to be aiming to make its sounds accessible to the widest possible range of guitarists with the GearBox software.

  • Line 6 TonePort GX - Driver Download. Vendor: Line 6. Product: Line 6 TonePort GX. Hardware Class: Media. Search For More Drivers.: Go! Windows 10 64-Bit Driver.
  • TonePort KB37 ships with Ableton Live Lite 5 Line 6 Edition recording software for an immediate studio experience right out of the box. Both hardware and software are compatible with the most popular Mac and Windows recording programs and support 44.1/48KHz with 16/24-bit recording, plus a 96KHz compatibility mode.
  • RiffWorks Line 6 Edition v2.2 ($99) is an out-dated edition that is different from RiffWorks T4 v2.6.7, which is free and bundled with many Line 6 devices. You can tell which edition you have by looking at the top right-hand side of your RiffWorks interface, All RiffWorks Line 6 Edition v1 and v2.2 users should crossgrade to RiffWorks Standard.

An in-app Quick Start tutorial can be accessed within RiffWorks at any time by clicking 'HELP' on the right side of the screen.

Step 1:

Press PLAY to get started. The InstantDrummer should be heard playing.

Step 2:
Line 6 Gx For Mac

Line 6 Gx For Mac Pro

Press the DRUMMER button to make changes to the InstantDrummer. Turn the INSTENSITY knob to control the InstantDrummer's playing. Every Riff can have a different intensity. Click the PART popup menu to select different sections of the song like verse, chorus, or bridge. Every Riff can have a different part. Click the SESSION popup menu to get a different style for different songs. Each Riff can have a different Session.

Step 3:

Line 6 Gx Mac Driver


Adjust the TEMPO by clicking in the box and moving the mouse up or down. Tempo can also by set with a guitar using Junt.

Line 6 Gx For Mac
Step 4:

Adjust the LENGTH of the Riff in bars by clicking in the box and moving the mouse up or down. When the RIff reaches the end of the bar, it loops. The InstantDrummer automatically plays a fill in the last bar. The Tempo, Length and Time Signature become locked after a layer has been recorded.

Line 6 Gx For Mac X

*Notice:, RiffCaster song posting, and RiffLink online collaboration have been disabled. See RiffWorld forum for details.

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