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Of all the eye colors one could have, blue might be the most variable. The shade can range from extremely bright and ice-like to a deep sapphire, or even gray. That's why picking the best eyeshadow palettes for blue eyes can be a little tricky. There isn't just one shade that works 'best' for them, because the hues can be so different depending on how light or dark they are.


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Complementary colors are the name of the game when picking out the best eyeshadow for a certain eye color. You either want hues that are in the same family or on the complete opposite side of the color wheel from the color of your eyes. If you look at a color wheel, red and orange are what's directly across from blue. That means that variations of these colors will look great, too, like pinks and browns.

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Shades of blue and silver will also look gorgeous on blue eyes. If your eyes are on the lighter side, try a dark sapphire or navy, while dark blue eyes should try gray or silver.

In the meantime, check out five of the best eyeshadow palettes that are guaranteed to make blue eyes pop.

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