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Welcome to the “Myst Online (URU live)” for Mac game page. This page contains information + tools how to port this game so you can play it on your Mac just like a normal application. This game is not available in the Porting Kit yet. Porting Kit is the new application which “ports” the game to your Mac. Myst Online 1.0 for Mac is free to download from our software library. This free software for Mac OS X is a product of Cyan Worlds Inc. The most popular version of the program is 1.0. Myst Online for Mac belongs to Games. This program's bundle is identified as com.TransGaming.UruLauncher.

UPDATE 3 September 2009: Installed on Snow Leopard 10.6.0.While everything seems to run smoothly enough, I can't find anoption in TinkerTool System to use a single processor, meaning thatsound stutters a bit. It's better than dual processors used to bethough… but far from ideal. Last test on Leopard was10.5.4.

1: Introduction

Alex asked me if this was possible, and the answer is ‘Yes’. Butit’s a little fiddly. There is no Mac OS X installer for MystIII: Exile, although there is an updated application. So theinstaller only works in OS 9, meaning that if you don’t haveClassic installed on your Mac, you can’t play the game. On olderMacs you can get round the problem by installing Classic, butthat’s a poor work-around, and wouldn’t help on the new Intel Macs,which don’t have Classic at all.
There is a discussion of the problem here—which is of greathelp, but it only refers to installing from the DVD edition. Sowhat if you’ve got the original 4-CD edition of Myst III:Exile? There isn’t only one Data folder, andthe discussion linked to above mentions a M3Datafolder and a Language.m3u file, neither of whichseem to be on any of the discs (in my case at least). Well, help isat hand.
You’ll need three things before you try to install the game:
  • Tinker Tool—available from here
  • m3patch122_us_mac.sit—available from here
  • M3OSX1.sit—available from the same place

2: Minimum install (250 MB required)

Here’s how to do a minimum install:
  • In your Applications folder, create a folder calledMyst III Exile;
  • Use Tinker Tool to Show Hidden and System Files (availableunder the Finder preference pane)—relaunch the Finder;
  • Insert the first disc of Exile, and copy the folder calledM3Data into the Myst III Exilefolder (the M3Data folder is invisible if youdon’t use TinkerTool first);
  • Unstuff m3patch, and run the 1.22 installer;
  • Unstuff M3OSX1, then copy the Bink CarbonLibrary and the Myst3 OS X US file intoMyst III Exile folder.
The result should look like this (shown in column view):

Don’t worry about the.DS_Store file(s)—they aren’t important, and ifyou delete them, the system will recreate them anyway.
Note that the Language.m3u file is missing, butthat it doesn’t seem to make any difference. The game should playfine now, but you’ll have to change discs fairly frequently. Also,if you want to turn off the Show Hidden and System Files option inTinker Tool, the game should still work, but you’ll no longer beable to see the M3Data folder.

3: Complete install (2 GB required)

For a complete install you’ll need follow the instructions givenabove for a minimum install, but also create four more folders inthe Myst III Exile folder, called EXILEDisc 1, EXILE Disc 2, EXILE Disc3 and EXILE Disc 4 respectively. Theninsert each disc, and copy the Data folder intothe appropriately-named folder. So the Data folderfrom from the first disc needs to be copied into the EXILEDisc 1 folder, and the Data folder fromthe second disc goes into the EXILE Disc 2 folder.Some of the files in each Data folder have thesame name—if the Finder asks you if you want to overwrite a file,then something has gone wrong.
ForHere's the complete list, for the sake of clarity:
  • In your Applications folder, create a folder calledMyst III Exile;
  • Create four folders inside the Myst III Exilefolder called EXILE Disc 1, EXILE Disc2, EXILE Disc 3 and EXILE Disc4;
  • Use Tinker Tool to Show Hidden and System Files (availableunder the Finder preference pane)—relaunch the Finder;
  • Insert the first disc of Exile, and copy the folder calledM3Data into the Myst III Exilefolder (the M3Data folder is invisible if youdon’t use TinkerTool first);
  • Copy the Data folder into EXILE Disc1, then eject disc 1;
  • Insert disc 2, copy the Data folder intoEXILE Disc 2, then eject disc 2;
  • Insert disc 3, copy the Data folder intoEXILE Disc 3, then eject disc 3;
  • Insert disc 4, copy the Data folder intoEXILE Disc 4, then eject disc 4;
  • Unstuff m3patch, and run the 1.22 installer;
  • Unstuff M3OSX1, then copy the Bink CarbonLibrary and the Myst3 OS X US file intoMyst III Exile folder.

The final result should look like this (shown in list view):

Again, don’t worry about the.DS_Store files. It doesn’t seem to matter whetheryou run the 1.22 update before or after copying theData folders.
So, if you're using a pre-Intel Mac, that should do the trick. I'drecommend doing a complete install, and playing with the videopreferences on the splash screen, until you find the best settingsfor you.

4: Intel Macs & Sound Problems

Prompted by justi in the comments, I thought I'd see what Icould find out about the sound problems on Intel Macs such as myMacBook. The problem was that the sound in video playback hasglitches every second or so, making for a really annoyingexperience. And it turns out that there is a simple work-around,thankfully. Thanks must go to this thread on the Myst forums for thesolution.
The sound problem stems from the fact that Intel Macs user a dualprocessor, while Myst III was designed for a singleprocessor, and simply doesn't know how to use the second. Thesolution is to turn one of the processors off. However, you can'tdo that with the default system install—you'll need to download thefollowing file from the Apple Developer's Connection:
Note that the link does not lead directly to the file—you'll needto locate it in the list—and that you may be asked to create anaccount with Apple Developer Connection, which is free.. Version4.5.0 is a 35.4MB file, mind you, so I hope you have a decentinternet connection (the file may be on the install disc as wellbut I didn't check). Having downloaded the dmg, double-click toopen it and then launch the installer package. That will install abunch of things in a 'Developer' folder, which you'll find rightnext to your 'Application' folder. You'll need to do a littledigging, but you should find a file called'Processor.PrefPane'—double-click that and System Preferences willlaunch, asking for confirmation to install the pane.

Myst For Mac Os X

The location of 'Processor.PrefPane' should be as follows:
-Macintosh HD
Under the Hardware section of System Preferences you should now seea preference pane for Processor. Open that, and then deselect thecheck-box for CPU2.
(Another—simpler—option is to use an application such as theexcellent shareware application TinkerToolSystem to toggle the number ofprocessors).
And that's it: Myst III: Exile should now run on yourIntel-based Mac. Just remember that although Myst III only requiresone processor, you should turn the second processor back on whenyou finish playing, or you might well experience slowdowns in otherapps. If you think you'll be switching back and forth a lot you cancheck the option in the preference pane to show the control in themenu bar.
As before, I'd recommend doing a full install—using the minimuminstall meant that the CDs were almost permanently in use—I guessfrom Rossetta converting the information on the fly. And therestill may be the occasional glitch—remember that the game waswritten for OS9, upgraded to OSX, and now runs through usingRossetta translation on Intel, so there's bound to be the oddhiccup. It's possible that selecting ‘optimised video playback’will lead to a smoother performance—you'll have to test ityourself.
But other than that, the instructions above should allow you toplay Myst III: Exile on Mac OS X, and without changingdiscs. Have fun!
Myst For Mac Os X

5: Troubleshooting

The comments below have turned into something of a troubleshootingguide, and have prompted many changes to the guide. So first of allI’d like to thank everyone for their contributions. But if you dofind you’re having problems, have a read through the comments andsee if anyone else had the same problem—it might save somefrustration! And of course, feel free to post your own comment atthe same time.

This page is for the original release. For the Masterpiece Edition, see realMyst: Masterpiece Edition.

Release dates
WindowsNovember 15, 2000
Mac OS (Classic)April 10, 2002
macOS (OS X)February 5, 2014
  • 2Essential improvements
  • 3Game data
  • 6Audio
  • 7Issues fixed
  • 8Other information
Myst III: Exile2001
Uru: Ages Beyond Myst2003
Myst IV: Revelation2004
Myst V: End of Ages2005
Myst Online: Uru Live2007
realMyst: Masterpiece Edition2014
Myst (upcoming)TBA

General information

Official forums
MYSTAges - A wiki for the series Community Discussions for game series Support Page
Steam Community Discussions


Myst For Mac Os X
Retail SafeDiscDRM[Note 1]. (unavailable)
Steam (unavailable)
SafeDisc retail DRM no longer functions properly on Windows Vista and later (see above for affected versions).

Essential improvements[edit]


Patch 1.11 fixes several bugs and adds some mouse options, and can be downloaded [1].
All digital copies of the game come with it pre-installed

Game data[edit]

Configuration file(s) location[edit]

Mac OS (Classic)
macOS (OS X)
Steam Play (Linux)<Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/63600/pfx/[Note 2]

Save game data location[edit]

Windows <path-to-game>SAV[Note 3]
Mac OS (Classic)
macOS (OS X)
Steam Play (Linux)<Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/63600/pfx/[Note 2]

Save game cloud syncing[edit]


External general settings.
External advanced settings.
Graphics featureStateWSGFNotes
Widescreen resolution Capable, but can't run with any resolution dimension > 2048px. Needs FOV hack in config file
4K Ultra HD
Field of view (FOV)Editable via config file
WindowedSee the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Borderless fullscreen windowedSee the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Anisotropic filtering (AF)See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Anti-aliasing (AA)On/off toggle.
Vertical sync (Vsync)See the glossary page for potential workarounds.
60 FPS and 120+ FPSGame is poorly optimized; capable but hard to exceed 60fps even on modern systems


Keyboard and mouseStateNotes
RemappingSee the glossary page for potential workarounds.
Mouse acceleration
Mouse sensitivity
Mouse input in menus
Mouse Y-axis inversion
Controller supportSee the glossary page for potential workarounds.


Audio featureStateNotes
Separate volume controls
Surround soundVia DirectSound3D support.
Closed captions
Mute on focus lost


RussianFan translation by users forum Old-Games.Ru

Riven Myst Mac Os X

Issues fixed[edit]

Crash on startup[edit]

The original disc version of the game usually tends to crash on startup when run by a newer OS. This isn't permanent though, and can be fixed by opening and closing the game a few dozen times.

Link book videos display solid white & general instability[edit]

This fix can also remove any potential FPS issues
Setup the game's compatibility settings[3]
  1. Go to the game installation folder
  2. Right click on RealMyst.exe file and select 'Properties'.
  3. Go to the 'Compatibility' tab and enable Compatibility Mode (set it to 'Windows XP (Service Pack 3)').
  4. Save the changes.
  5. Launch the game.

Other information[edit]


Technical specsSupportedNotes
OpenGL1Mac OS and OS X only.
macOS (OS X)
MystMyst For Mac Os X


System requirements[edit]

Operating system (OS)9598, ME, 2000, XP
Processor (CPU)Intel Pentium II 450 MHz Intel Pentium III 500 MHz
System memory (RAM)64 MB128 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD)75 MB700 MB
Video card (GPU) 16 MB of VRAM
DirectX 7 compatible
32 MB of VRAM
Mac OS
Operating system (OS)8.610.1
Processor (CPU)PowerPC 300 MHz Intel 1 GHz
System memory (RAM)64 MB128 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD)300 MB700 MB
Video card (GPU) 16 MB of VRAM 32 MB of VRAM
Supported sound/video chipsets: Intel 810E chipset video, Guilloemot Prophet 3D, Guillemot Maxigamer Cougar (TNT2), ATI Rage 128VR, Creative Labs Graphics Blaster with Monster 3DII Voodoo2, ATI Radeon, ATI Rage Pro Turbo AGP 2x, STB Velocity 128 AGP with Diamond Monster 3D II, Gladiac GeForce 2, Hercules Terminator Beast AGP, Matrox G400, 3D Force B-128, Annihilator II, Rage Fury Maxx, Stealth III S540, Erazor X, 3D Blaster, Erazor X 2, Voodoo 5 5500, 3D Prophet DDR-DVI


  1. SafeDisc retail DRMdoes not work on Windows 10[1] and is disabled by default on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 when the KB3086255 update is installed.[2]
  2. 2.02.1File/folder structure within this directory reflects the path(s) listed for Windows and/or Steam game data (use Wine regedit to access Windows registry paths). Games with Steam Cloud support may store data in ~/.steam/steam/userdata/<user-id>/63600/ in addition to or instead of this directory. The app ID (63600) may differ in some cases. Treat backslashes as forward slashes. See the glossary page for details.
  3. When running this game without elevated privileges (Run as administrator option), write operations against a location below %PROGRAMFILES%, %PROGRAMDATA%, or %WINDIR% might be redirected to %LOCALAPPDATA%VirtualStore on Windows Vista and later (more details).


  1. Not Loading in Windows 10; this will break thousands of - Microsoft Community - last accessed on 2017-01-16
  2. Microsoft - MS15-097: Description of the security update for the graphics component in Windows: September 8, 2015 - last accessed on 2018-02-16
  3. Verified by User:ThatOneReaper on 2016-08-08
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