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Mac- names for baby boys, with 355 entries. Mac- names are somewhat popular baby names for boys. In 1900, 0.161% of baby boys were given Mac- names. There were 2 Mac- names ranked within the top 1000 baby names then. The names have since fallen from favor, and in recent years they are of only infrequent use. In 2018, 1 Mac- name listed among.

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  • The name Mac is a boy's name of Scottish, Irish origin meaning 'son of'. In Ireland and Scotland, Mac and Mc mean 'son of'; here, Mac is a generic fella, or a short form cooler than either Matt or Max. Mac can be a nickname of any longer Mac or Mc starting name such as McCoy or Macalister.
  • Less than 5 girls were given the name. In contrast, the year before it ranked 1,068 in baby name popularity for boys with 185 occurrences. Less than 5 girls were given the name. View the Mac Name Popularity Page to see how the popularity trend for Mac has changed since 1880, or to compare the popularity of Mac to other names.

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A list of Irish surnames beginning with Mac (or Mc), from McCann to McSweeney.


Variants: McCauley, McAwley, Cawley,Magawley.

In Irish: Mac Amhalghaidh

Found in: Cork, Fermanagh, Westmeath.

Origin: Gaelic

Mac Amhalghaidh means “son of Auley”, once important Gaelic Lords.


In Irish:MacAmhlaoibh

Found in: Cork

Origin: Norse

From the Norse name “Olaf”.


Variants: McBride

In Irish: MacGiolla Brighde

Found in: Donegal,

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of the servant of St. Brigid”.


Variants: McCabe

In Irish: Mac Cába.

Found in: Cavan, Leitrim

Origin: Scots-Gaelic

“Caba” means “hat or cap”. The family originally came from Scotland to serve as Gallowglasses (a type of mercenary soldier) to Irish lords. Their name may come from their wearing of distinctive hats.


Variants: Canny, McCann

In Irish: MacAnnadh

Found in: Armagh, Ulster

Origin: Gaelic

Related to the O’Neills of Ulster


Variants: McCarthy

In Irish: MacCarthaigh

Found in: Widespread

Origin: Gaelic

Descendents of Carthac, a 12th century chieftain.


Variants: McCormick

In Irish: MacCormaic

Found in: Widespread

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of Cormac”, not descended from a single Cormac – it was a common name.


In Irish: Variants: Cully, MacNully

In Irish: Mac Con Uladh

Found in: Antrim, Down, Ulster

Origin: Scots-Gaelic

Means “Son of the hound” Known in Scotland as MacCulloch.


Variants: MacDermott, Kermode.

In Irish: MacDiarmada

Found in: Roscommon, Sligo

Origin: Gaelic

Means “Son of Dermot”. Dermot was a 12th century King of Moylurgh, a place now known as Coolavin, in Sligo.


Variants: McElroy

In Irish: MacGiolla Rua

Found in: Fermanagh, Leitrim

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of the red haired man”.


Variants: McAvoy, McEvoy

In Irish: MacGuiollabhuidhe Mac A Buidhe

Found in: Laois, Louth

Origin: Gaelic

May mean “woodsman”; or, “yellow (blonde?) son”.


Variants: Magee, MacKee, McKee

In Irish: Mac Aodha

Found in: Antrim, Armagh, Down.

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of Aodh (Hugh)”.


Variants: Magill

In Irish: An Ghaill

Found in: Ulster

Origin: Gaelic



Variants: Maginn, McGinn, MacGinne

In Irish: Mac Fhinn

R-name Mac Os X

Found in: Armagh, Down, Tyrone

Origin: Gaelic

Means “Finn’s son”or sometimes “son of the foreigner”. A foreigner could also simply mean a stranger.


Variants: MacGowran, McGovern, McGowran

In Irish: Mac Samhrain

Found in: Cavan, Fermanagh, Leitrim

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of Samhradh (summer)”.


Variants: Gowan, Smith

In Irish: MacGhabhann

Found in: Cavan, Leitrim, Monaghan, Ulster

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of the smith”. The same origin as the English name Smith, to which is was sometime anglicised.


R Name For Mac Keyboard

Variants: Magraw, MacGraw, Magrath, McGrath, McGraw.

In Irish: MacRaith

Found in: Clare, Donegal, Fermanagh, Limerick. Widespread.

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of Raith”; raith also means “wealth”, so it may mean “son of the wealthy man”.


Variants: MacCoy, McKee, Hughes, MacKay, McHugh, Hewson

In Irish: MacAoda

Found in: Donegal, Fermanagh, Galway, Leitrim, Mayo

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of Hugh”, so is a related name to McGee, above.

R Name For Mac


Variants: Macnairney, Mcnerney, McInerney

In Irish: Mac An Airchinnigh

Found in: West of Ireland

Origin: Gaelic

Comes from the old name MacErenagh which means “son of the lord”. Lord as in nobleman, not God.


In Irish: MacCionaoda

Found in: Cavan, Monaghan, Ulster.

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of Cionaoid”.


Variants: McKown, McKeon, MacKowen.

In Irish: MacEoghan

Origin: Gaelic

“Eo” means “Yew Tree”, but may not be relevant. Eoghan is one of several Irish versions of John, so it may just mean “Eoghan’s son”.


Variants: O’Loghlen, MacLaughlin, McLaughlin

In Irish: MacLochlainn

Found in: Clare, Derry, Donegal, Meath.

Origin: Gaelic


Variants: Mahon, McMahon, Mohan, Vaughn

In Irish: , Mac Mathghamhna

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of a bear”, presumably a large or strong man.


In Irish: MacMaghnuis

Found in: Fermanagh, Roscommon

R-name mac os x

Origin: Norse

Derived from the Norse or Viking name Magnus.


Variants: McNally, Macannally, Nally

In Irish: Mac an Fhailghigh

Found in: Armagh, Mayo, Monaghan.

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of the poor man”.


Variants: McNamara

Update R On Mac

In Irish: MacNamara

Found in: Clare, Limerick

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of the sea hound”.


Variants: McNulty, Nulty

In Irish: Mac An Ultaigh

Found in: Mayo, Ulster

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of Ulster”.


Variants: McQuaid, McQuaide, MacWade, McWade

In Irish: Mac Uaid

Found in: Ulster

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of Uaid (Walter)”.


Variants: McQuillan

In Irish: MacCoilin or MacUighlilin

Found in: Ulster

Origin: Gaelic

Means “son of little Hugh” and refers to Hugeli de Mandeville a Norman-Welsh lord who arrived in Ireland in the 12th century.

R Names For Male Dogs


Variants: MacSwiney, Sweeney, Sweeny

R Name For Mac Computers

Found in: Cork, Donegal.

Origin: Gaelic, Scots Gaelic

R-studio For Mac

Means “son of the pleasant man”. The Donegal branch are of Scots Gaelic origin.

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