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Get your interior design inspiration on Roomstyler!With the Roomstyler app you can view, like & comment the millions of rooms created on Havertys 3D room planner is the 3D room planner software built specifically for Mac platform users. Upload you own room photo or select from a huge library.

The RoomSketcher App is a powerful and easy-to-use floor plan and home design app. Create floor plans and 3D home designs on your PC, Mac, or tablet. If you order floor plans from our Floor Plan Services, you can use the RoomSketcher App to edit your floor plan online.

  • Easy-to-use floor plan and home design app
  • Furnish and Decorate – Add flooring, wall finishes and furniture
  • Basic functionality is free – upgrade your subscription to create floor plans, 3D Photos and view in Live 3D

” For anyone who deals in real estate, home planning, home decorating or interior design, this tool is a must. ”
Thomas Lundy, GeekItDown

RoomstylerRoomstyler For Mac

Easy Floor Plan and Home Design App

RoomSketcher is packed with loads of great features to meet your floor plan and home design needs. Whether you want to rearrange the furniture in your home, plan a remodeling project, or create floor plans and 3D home visualizations for real estate or home design clients, this is the home design and floor plan app for you.

All the RoomSketcher features are easy to use and understand so you can get started straight away. The drag-and-drop user interface makes drawing walls and adding windows, doors and furniture simple. Try different wall and furniture layouts easily, change the colors and finishes on walls, ceilings, and floors and view them in 3D! Our Live 3D feature, allows you to take an interactive Live 3D walkthrough of your floor plan as if you are actually there. Once your floor plan or home design is complete, share it easily with your friends and family or your client and contractor. There’s no better or easier way to visualize a property or home design project!


Loved by professional and personal users all over the world. Get started creating your floor plan or home design today with RoomSketcher!

Create Floor Plans & Home Designs

Draw, edit, and furnish your floor plan using simple drag-and-drop drawings tools. Add doors, windows, furniture and finishes – just click, drag, and drop to add them to your floor plan. Handy measurement and guidelines give accurate results.

Furnish with Real Products

Furnish your floor plans with ease. Add kitchen cabinets, appliances, bath fixtures, and furniture. Just drag and drop furniture and materials into the floor plan for correct placement. Choose from thousands of brand-name and generic products.

Decorate with Ease

Choose room finishes and match paint colors – RoomSketcher has hundreds of great finishes for walls, ceilings and floors to choose from, or create your own color with our custom color picker.

Visualize in 3D

With RoomSketcher, it’s easy to visualize your home design in 3D. Take Snapshots to preview your design in 3D. Switch to 3D mode to take an interactive Live 3D walkthrough. Then create high-quality 3D home visualizations such as 3D Photos, dynamic 360 Views, and beautiful 3D Floor Plans to show your design.

Get Started, risk free!

You can access many of our features without spending a cent. Upgrade for more powerful features!

” I am really excited with RoomSketcher. It is the basic tool for my floorplans and renderings. ”
Konstadina, Interior Designer, Greece

January 5, 2018

It’s Time for a Change

It’s 2018 and we are proud to introduce our all-new RoomSketcher app! It’s a completely new version of what we used to call Home Designer, our popular web-based floor plan and home design tool. The new RoomSketcher app is available to download and install on your Mac or Windows computer and on your iOS or Android tablet. It’s packed with great new features that let you draw your floor plans faster and make it even easier to create beautiful home designs.

Fully Compatible with the Web Editor

Our popular web-based floor plan and home design (the Web Editor) will still be available the same way as before, so you can migrate when it suits you, and even use them in parallel.

Work Anywhere

All your RoomSketcher projects are stored in the cloud, and synch across devices and platforms. Start a floor plan on your tablet, and finish it later on your computer or vice versa. Just sign in to your account using the app for Mac or Windows, the app on your tablet, or even the Web Editor. Your projects are right there, ready to view and edit. Plus with the app, you can work online or offline so you have more flexibility to work anywhere and anytime you want.

New and Improved UI

The new app has a beautiful new user-interface. Our tablet app users will recognize the UI, and now it’s available in the app for Mac and Windows too! Draw and furnish your floor plans in the same easy-to-use “modes”.

Draw Walls Fast and Easy

With the new app, drawing walls is fast and easy. Tablet app users will now be able to draw walls in the same way you do in the Web Editor. Just position the cursor where you want to start, tap your finger anywhere on the drawing pane, and drag your finger to draw your wall – it’s that easy! If you are using the app on Mac or Windows, check out the handy new hotkeys that make drawing your floor plans even easier.

Watch the video:

Furniture = Always On!

Want to view your furniture while drawing walls? Now you can! Just click on the Menu at the top left, and choose Always Furniture. You can also use the hotkey Ctrl+A on your computer to toggle furniture On or Off as you draw.

Automatically Add Your Measurements (Pro)

Introducing our all-new “Measurement Wizards” in the Windows etc mode; a quick and easy way to automatically add your measurements. Add room measurements to all the walls in a room, to individual walls – inside or outside, and Length x Width dimensions in meters, feet or both. Configure your Settings to show one or two decimal places and lots more options!

Flip and Rotate Floor Plans (Pro)

Easily flip your floor plan horizontally or vertically, or rotate it 90 degrees clockwise, counterclockwise or a full 180.

RoomSketcher 360 (VIP and Pro)


Roomstyler For Mac Os

Create beautiful panoramic 360 Views of your project. Just place the camera in a room, tap 360 in the top menu and get an instant preview of your room in 360. Then upgrade to a stunning high-quality 360 View that you can view, share and embed easily. Currently available on Mac and Windows.

Packed with New Features!

And there’s even more. We’ve added lots of cool new features to speed up your drawing.

  • Offline mode with automatic local save
  • Handy new hotkeys that make drawing your floor plans even easier
  • Smart insert to ensure your windows are facing the correct way
  • Easy new way to re-size doors, windows, and furniture – just click and drag
  • Easier resizing of lines and arrows
  • Multi-insert to add multiple items quickly (Pro)
  • And much more!

So what are you waiting for?

Frankie Elmquist is an interior architect and our Home Design Specialist. She’s worked around the globe for some of the top design firms in the world and now she brings her expertise to you.

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