Samplers For Mac

Sampler is Ableton's advanced sampling instrument. It's extremely versatile, combining traditional sampling features with advanced sound design and synthesis. Sampler can handle any kind of multi-gigabyte instrument library you care to name--including GigaStudio, EXS, SoundFont and (non-encrypted) Kontakt. But the fun really starts when you go in deep and start sound-shaping--Sampler gives you intuitive control over every detail of your sound. Be prepared to create vibrant and complex sounds from even the most basic audio source material.

Sampler For Mac

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This movie covers the basics and demonstrates what a difference Sampler can make to your music.



Import third-party libraries or create and edit your own multisamples. You can manage an unlimited number of sample zones, including key and velocity ranges as well as crossfades, all using the intuitive graphical editor. Each zone provides numerous creative playback and looping options. Sampler imports multisamples and sound design parameters (for features that Sampler and the source format have in common) from libraries in formats including: GigaStudio, EXS, SoundFont and (non-encrypted) Kontakt. Sampler employs SmartPriming to prevent RAM shortage and annoying loading times.

Multimode morphing filter

Sampler's unique processing and modulation capabilities allow you to explore every aspect of your samples. Each voice is processed with a multimode filter. Filter types include morphing filters, so you can seamlessly morph from low-pass to band-pass to high-pass to notch and back with a single control. Sampler also features a polyphonic saturation stage for adding just the right amount of warmth to your sound.

Polyphonic modulation


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Sampler can apply polyphonic modulation to sample start, loop position and loop length parameters. A dedicated modulation oscillator allows samples to be frequency- or amplitude-modulated, allowing for selective harmonic or disharmonic enrichment of the original timbres. Three LFOs, five multimode envelopes and various MIDI inputs serve as modulation sources. The ability to modulate not only post-processing but also the sample playback characteristics creates possibilities similar to wavetable and granular synthesis.

Built for Live

Sampler is an extremely powerful instrument, but it's still easy to get results thanks to its familiar, intuitive user interface. Sampler integrates perfectly with Live, drawing much of its power from Live's features. Modulate Sampler with clip envelopes and Arrangement automation, or use your MIDI controller for real-time hands-on tweaking. Stack multiple Samplers to create layers and splits, add MIDI and audio effects, and save your creation as a Rack for future use. You can even pack entire Live projects, including the samples used by Sampler, for easy collaboration with other Live users.

SoftwareDescriptionOSLicenseFile DateCommentsPower
Independence Free 3.1

Sampler. [VST/AU/RTAS/Standalone]

SampleTank FREE 3

Free version of SampleTank with 204 Sounds and more than 500 MB of samples [AU/VSTi/RTAS]

Reason 9

Reason is a virtual studio rack with tools like Analog synth, sampler, drum machine, ReCycle!-based loop player, mixer, effects, pattern sequencer, and more.

TX16Wx Software Sampler v2.4.0

FREE software sampler based on hardware samplers of the 80s and 90s. [VST]

G-Player v2.1.4

Native Giga player designed to play the large orchestral sound libraries and supports disk streaming, dimensions, keyswitches and layered instruments. [VST/AU/RTAS]

Musolomo v1.1.0

Sampler instrument for live performances and much more. [AU]


Live performance interface.

Soundplant 43 for Mac

Computer keyboard-based low latency software sampler

bs-0 v4.0.4

Software playback sampler. [VST/AU]

RMV v5.1.4

Drum machine combining analog-style percussion synthesis with percussion sampler. [AU/VST]

TsampX 1.0.5

Sampler for OS X.

HALion Sonic 1.6.3

Steinberg's premier VST workstation [AU/VSTi]

Miraton 2.0

Program to play and compose music live for Mac OS X

bs-16 v4.0.4

16 multitimbral, Soundfont 2 compatible software playback sampler. [VST/AU]

Battery 4.0.1

Stand-alone and VST/RTAS/AU plug-in drum sampler.

Shredder v1.0

Sampler. [VST]

Grand Electrix v1.1

CP70 piano emulation [VST/AU]

pHATmatik PRO v1.52

Loop workstation [VST/AU]

InstantSampler v1.2

Sampler that records audio from the audio input when a MIDI note is played for the first time. [AU]

SampleMoog 1.0.2

SampleMoog is a virtual instrument that combines Moog Synth analog sounds with sampling capabilities. [VST/AU/RTAS] You might also like to check out our Roundup of Hardware Based Cheap Synthesizers

CrX4 v4.0.3

Sample Synthesizer. [VST/AU]

VSamp v3.7.2

Multitimbral sample playback module.

MachFive v3.2.1

MachFive is a plugin that carries multiple virtual instruments, audio samples, synthesis, loops, and effects.

Reaktor 6.0

Complete modular sound-design studio. [Stand-alone/VST/AU/RTAS]

Groove Machine 1.0.2

Groove Machine is a virtual groove box designed for live performance, able to function as both a synthesizer and a drum-machine. [VSTi]

apTrigga v2.3.2

Audio sample trigger plugin. [VST/AU]

Archibald v3.6

Virtual drummer which improvises on your patterns. [VST]

AutoSampler v1.5

Sample from any midi source and create ready to play Exs24 instruments.

bs-1 v4.0.4

Soundfont 2 software playback sampler. [VST/AU]

BackToBasics 9.005

Trigger samples and loops from your computer keyboard.

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