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Staruml For Mac Os


3.2.2 (Hotfix)(2020/01/14)

  1. AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you love and hate. The site is made by Ola and Markus in Sweden, with a lot of help from our friends and colleagues in Italy, Finland, USA, Colombia, Philippines, France and contributors from all over the world. That's right, all the lists of alternatives are crowd-sourced, and that's what makes the data.
  2. Visual Paradigm; Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) is a UML design tool and UML CASE tool designed to aid software development. VP-UML supports key modeling standards such as Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.4, SysML, ERD, DFD, BPMN 2.0, ArchiMate 2.0, etc.
  • Notarize app for macOS (Catalina)
  • Download: macOS Windows Linux (64-bit) Linux (32-bit)

3.2.1 (Hotfix)(2019/12/18)

  • Resolved Issues
    • Suppressed operations (or attributes, etc.) are not shown again #166
  • Download: macOS Windows Linux (64-bit) Linux (32-bit)

To install an extension manually: Get an extension as file. Extract the file on the extensions path. /Users//Library/Application Support/StarUML/extensions/user for Mac OS.

3.2.0 (2019/12/10)

  • Hide a subset of attributes, operations, etc.
  • Activity diagram improvements
  • Turn-off automatic updates
  • Resolved Issues
    • Activity diagram improvements #163
    • Failed to load .uml file #158
    • Create message is incorrectly connected if Lifeline is placed at left-side #162
    • Do not close when select 'Cancel' in save changes dialog #141
    • Support CallOperation and CallBehavior Actions #147
    • Open the diagram by double-clicking which referred by Frame #148
    • Add a new lifeline when drag collaboration role onto sequence (or communication) diagram #144
    • Allow deploying artifact instance to node instance #145
    • Allow to turn-off check update on start #159
    • Association cannot be drag-and-drop from Model Explorer when the two classes exists #143
    • Do not show delete views only dialog when try to delete attributes #161
    • Allow selectively show/hide attributes, operations and other properties. #160
  • Download: macOS Windows Linux (64-bit) Linux (32-bit)

3.1.1 (2019/11/14)

  • Resolved Issues
    • Update harfbuzz in AppImage for Linux #152
    • Copy diagram as image not work in Ubuntu 18.04 #154
    • Extension update not working #142
  • Download: macOS Windows Linux (64-bit) Linux (32-bit)

3.1.0 (2019/03/06)

  • Support Template Binding
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Resolved Issues
    • Can't input '}' character because of the shortcuts (Ctrl+Alt+0) in german keyboard #134
    • Interaction should have only one Sequence or Communication Diagram #69
    • Allow custom sequence number of Messages in Sequence and Communication Diagram #125
    • Ports should be included in 'attributes' when importing StarUML V1 file #65
    • Support text wrap in tags in a class view #130
    • No Region in StateMachine created with SubmachineState #72
    • Allow to move (drag and drop) Flowchart, DFD, ERD under Package element #70
    • Error when try to create ActivityInterrupt #85
    • Messages' source and target are not changed when Connector is reconnected in Communication Diagram #117
    • Allow to bring combined fragment to front over activations #53
    • Fix UML055 validation rule #137
    • Remove 'Add Part' and 'Add Port' in Part's QuickEdit #136
    • Layout (edges) is broken sometimes after file open #126
  • Download: macOS Windows Linux (64-bit) Linux (32-bit)

3.0.2 (2018/08/17)

  • Resolved Issues
    • Sometimes show grid state is not matched with menu state #129
    • Diagram background is shown gray when app is launched. #124
    • Canvas size is too small in window scale (> 100% or < 200%) in Windows. #127
    • Self relationships suddenly disappears #123
  • Download: macOS Windows Linux (64-bit) Linux (32-bit)

3.0.1 (2018/06/26)

  • Resolved Issues
    • File extension (.mdj) is not associated with #121
    • In macOS, Do not quit app when all windows are closed #122
    • Delete key not work in Property Editor in Windows/Linux #120
    • Quickedit's shortcut not works in Linux #118
    • Add top padding for Linux (like as Windows) #114
    • Quick Edit's name edit not working in forward message in Sequence and Communication Diagram #116
  • Download: macOS Windows Linux (64-bit) Linux (32-bit)

Staruml Download

3.0.0 (2018/06/01)

  • Multiple Windows Support
  • Data Flow Diagram Support
  • Auto Update
  • Light and Dark Themes
  • Copy Diagram Image to Clipboard
  • Reduced File Size
  • Improved Stability and Performance
  • API enhancement
  • Code Sign for Executables and Installers
  • Download: macOS Windows Linux (64-bit) Linux (32-bit)


2.8.1 (Hotfix)(2018/01/05)

  • Resolved Issues
    • Crashes in some HDPI display (e.g. Windows 10 / Surface Pro) #433
  • Download: macOS Windows Ubuntu .deb (64-bit) Ubuntu .deb (32-bit)

2.8.0 (2016/11/15)

  • Show stereotype icon in Model Explorer
  • Word wrap for attributes, operations and other text elements
  • Resolved Issues
    • Allow to rename diagram a in 'Working Diagrams' pane #413
    • Allow to delete views only in Sequence/Communications Diagrams #430
    • Allow wordwrap for attributes, operations, association role names, etc. #421
    • Methods missing for class that extends abstract that implements interface. #427
    • PDF printing error of flowchart diagram #429
    • Prevent to select an incompatible element of a reference property in PropertyEditor #424
    • Show/hide stereotype text in Model Explorer #422
    • Show stereotype icon in Model Explorer #423

2.7.0 (2016/04/20)

  • Additional Activity Diagram Elements
  • Resolved Issues
    • Show 'nullable', 'unique' in Entity view in ER diagram #420
    • Show type name of lifeline in Model Explorer #419
    • Prevent fonts lazy loading #418
    • Word wrap problem in Flowchart #416
    • Object becomes invisible when corresponding classifier is deleted #415
    • Object cannot be dragged onto an object diagram #414
    • Support missing standard elements in Activity Diagram #399

2.6.0 (2016/01/18)

  • Flowchart Support
  • Resolved Issues
    • Support Flowchart #411
    • Subsystem cannot be dragged onto a package diagram #412
    • StateMachine added alone has no Region. #410
    • modelInitializer and viewInitializer are not executed for some elements (e.g. Lifeline) #408
    • Allow single quote character in name in Quick Edit #407
    • Show file system error messages #405
    • Nested containments of composite states not allowed #403
    • Support OS X's Preference Convention (Cmd+comma) #402
    • Allow to create AssociationClass view by drag and drop #396

2.5.1 (2015/10/20)

  • Support Mac OS X - El Capitan
  • Resolved Issues
    • Support Split view in Mac OS X - El Capitan #400
    • Old-style window buttons in OS X El Capitan #388
    • Allow ''(single quote) in QuickEdit for Object #401
    • Allow to export diagram images by command line tool #397
    • Allow a secondary license path #394
    • Allow comma(',') in QuickEdit for Column (ERD) #393
    • [Linux] Link has wrong symlink #392

2.5.0 (2015/07/27)

  • Diagram Thumbnails View
  • Hyperlinks
  • Support Accept Time Event Action
  • Resolved Issues
    • Support Hyperlink #387
    • Create a SubmachineState when drag a StateMachine and drop on Statechart Diagram #386
    • Create a StateMachine when create a SubmachineMachine #385
    • Allow transition expression in QuickEdit #384
    • Create Input and Output Pins when connect two Actions using ObjectFlow #383
    • '=', '+' chars are not allowed in HTML docs to be hosted in IIS #382
    • Create InteractionUse when drag Interation and drop on Diagram #381
    • Support ConnectorKind property in Connectors #380
    • Allow Create Type, Select Type for Part and Port in QuickEdit #379
    • Show type and multiplicity of Part Views #378
    • Show stereotype and name of relationships in Model Explorer #377
    • Support Part in Part, and Port on Part #376
    • Allow slot expression (name: type = value) in QuickEdit #375
    • Allow multiplicity expression for Attributes and Operations in QuickEdit #374
    • Shortcuts for Add Attribute (Ctrl-Enter) and Add Operation (Ctrl-Shift-Enter) in QuickEdit #373
    • Show Types of Qualifiers #372
    • Remove UML005 (Conflict with inherited operations) validation rule #371
    • Allow anonymous instances (UML Validation) #370
    • Show properties of LinkEnds #369
    • Show value of Object #368
    • Allow type for Slots without assigning definingFeature property #367
    • Support Accept Time Event Action #366
    • Show signal name of Reception in Model Explorer #364

Staruml 3.2.2

2.4.0 (2015/07/06)

  • Retina (High-DPI) Display Support
  • Shorthands in QuickEdit for Fast Modeling
  • Suppression of Editors
  • Style Editor Improvements (Formatting and Alignment)
  • Sizing Elements Equally
  • UML Improvements (Receptions and Internal Transitions)
  • Resolved Issues
    • Move edge views when the two connected nodes are moving #363
    • Found and Lost Messages in Toolbox #362
    • Shorthands in QuickEdit for Fast Modeling #361
    • Allow to connect Forward/Reverse Message between Lifelines in Communication Diagram #360
    • Support 'Reception' element #359
    • 'N' Key doesn't work for 'Don't Save' in Save Changes Dialog #358
    • Allow Frame in Communication Diagram #357
    • Allow to create messages by drag-n-drop in Communications Diagram #356
    • Menus for Set Size (width, height) Equally (in StyleEditor) #354
    • Add Realization element (other than InterfaceRealization, ComponentRealization) #353
    • Format Icons in StyleEditor #352
    • Allow to suppress StyleEditor, PropertyEditor and DocumentationEditor #351
    • Incorrect icon size of stereotype icons of Lifeline's represents #350
    • Internal Transitions in States #349
    • Guard and iteration expression for Messages #348
    • Retina (High-DPI) Display Support #347

2.3.0 (2015/06/12)

  • Replaced by CEF-2171 (Stability and Performance Improvement)
  • Advanced Font System
  • Resolved Issues
    • Missing property labels when importing StarUML V1 files #346
    • Replace by CEF2171 (Windows and Mac OS X) #344
    • Allow additional fonts other than default fonts in PDF printing #343
    • Support CJK (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) fonts in PDF printing #335

2.2.0 (2015/05/22)

  • Resolved Issues
    • Allow inherited operations from interfaces in UML005 validation rule #342
    • Quick Search in Element Picker Dialog #341
    • Quick Search in Model Explorer #340
    • Stucked when cancel in the file dialog of StarUML V1 import. #339
    • Automatically fix of incorrect positions of labels #338
    • [Linux] Text copy and paste not works #330
    • Support sorting by alphabetical order in Model Explorer #320
    • Auto complete for Property Editor #297

2.1.4 (Hotfix) (2015/04/25)

  • Resolved Issues
    • Relationships are broken when it created by drag and drop #336

2.1.3 (Hotfix) (2015/04/23)

  • Resolved Issues
    • Fix broken refs automatically when open file #333
    • Allows unnamed lifelines for validation #334

2.1.2 (Hotfix) (2015/03/23)

  • Resolved Issues
    • Sometimes broken messages in Sequence Diagram #331

2.1.1 (2015/03/14)

  • Alignment Tools in Style Editor
  • Fixed UI Problems
  • Resolved Issues
    • Use curve line style for automatic diagram layout #328
    • [Windows] Minimize window causes Toolbox and Editors disappear #327
    • Auto-layout problem with Association Class #326
    • Alignment buttons in StyleEditor #325
    • Allow '<' and '>' (e.g. 'List<Integer>') in type expression in QuickEdit #322
    • Allow Package can contain other view elements (e.g. Class) on diagram by drag and drop #321

2.1.0 (2015/03/02)

  • Entity-Relationship Diagram Support
  • New Line Styles (Round Rectilinear and Curve)
  • Resolved Issues
    • ERD support #324
    • Decoration with Label is not properly rendered for Component and Node #319
    • Auto-resize property messes up printing to pdf #318
    • Show shortcut key in QuickEdit #317
    • Toolbox and Editors position problem on Window resize #246
    • New line styles (Rounded rectilinear and Curve) #23

2.0.2 (2015/02/12)

  • Sequence Diagram Enhancement
  • Activity Diagram Enhancement
  • Resolved Issues
    • Set HTML encoding to UTF-8 #315
    • Allow to select operations inherited by InterfaceRealization in Sequence Diagram #314
    • Allow to create Message even inside CombinedFragments #311
    • Allow to drag and drop InputPins and OutputPins #310
    • Show copy diagram instruction when try to copy elements in Sequence or Communication Diagrams #309
    • Create message must attached to Lifeline's head #308
    • Automatic align Lifelines on top and move only horizontally #307
    • ActivityNodes need to be contained inside Swimlanes #304
    • Send To Back, Bring To Front not works on InteractionFragments #303
    • Hide horizontal line in State if no regions #302
    • Support Interface icon for Lifeline #301
    • Auto-expanding Lifelines #300
    • Adding more elements on Toolbox for Sequence Diagram #299
    • Show Message's name in Explorer in front of (source->target) if any #298
    • ExtensionPoint icon disappeared #296

2.0.1 (2015/01/22)

  • Colorful Icons
  • Export All Diagrams at Once
  • Resolved Issues
    • Create a Model when add Diagram directly under Project #293
    • Copy a model element shows 'No views to copy or some views cannot be copied.' message #292
    • Connector is not connected between Lifelines in Communication Diagram #291
    • Default color for UML elements in General section in Preferences #289
    • Selection priority of messages in sequence diagrams #286
    • Export all diagrams at once #285
    • Allow to drag and drop Use Case Subject #284
    • Activity diagram enhancements #269

2.0.0 (2014/12/29)

  • HTML Docs Generation
  • Default Colors for UML Elements
  • Auto Backup
  • Word Wrap for Note and Text
  • Space Equally, Horizontally and Vertically
  • Resolved Issues
    • Support word-wrap in Text and Note #283
    • Space equally, horizontally and vertically #282
    • Check views in Clipboard could be pasted into current diagram #281
    • Show tooltip on zoom and validation result icons in Status Bar #280
    • Sort elements in TreeView for HTML Doc Export #279
    • Place pasted views in the center of screen #278
    • UML colors in Preferences #277
    • Move up and down not works within type-sorted elements in Explorer #276
    • Copy-and-Paste causes applying Preferences's default values to pasted elements #275
    • Create a backup file when save a file for restore unexpected termination #274
    • Do not select diagram when clicking on empty area #273
    • Close diagram when the diagram is deleted (Delete from Model) #272
    • Allow to create diagrams always when nothing selected #271
    • Dependency model element is deleted when an connected view (e.g. ClassView) was deleted #270
    • Fix 'isFinalSpecification' to 'isFinalSpecialization' #258

2.0.0-beta.12 (2014/12/01)

  • Print Diagrams to PDF
  • Show/Hide Shadows
  • Support Frame Element
  • Resolved Issues
    • Show type in InputPin, OutputPin #268
    • Image's _parent is not assigned #267
    • Allow to add TemplateParameter to Operation #266
    • Diagrams containing '/' char in name will not be exported to image in Windows #265
    • Turn on/off shadows of elements #264
    • Message cannot be connected to Gate and Endpoint #263
    • Support Frame element #262
    • Exclude unnavigable and unnamed ends for UML010 rules #261
    • Allow ObjectFlow to connect between Pins (InputPin, OutputPin) #151
    • Print diagrams to PDF #52

2.0.0-beta.11 (2014/11/09)

  • Full screen mode for Mac OS X Yosemite
  • Asynchronous Model Validation
  • Resolved Issues
    • Add documentation menu item in Help menu #260
    • Problem in copy and paste of Attribute, Operation. #259
    • Bug with underlining when zooming (e.g. static operation) #257
    • Problem in Hierarchical State #256
    • Show all inherited operations in Quick Edit for Message #255
    • Problem in full screen mode in OS X Yosemite #253
    • Update diagram name in Working Diagrams #251
    • New update icon in Toolbar and check updates option in Preferences #243
    • Include licenses of thirdparty open source modules #159

2.0.0-beta.10 (Hotfix) (2014/10/14)

  • Resolved Issues
    • Grammar error in Operation expression #250
    • Class Diagram is not allowed in Subsystem #249
    • Problem in importing StarUML V1 files #248

2.0.0-beta.9 (2014/10/01)

  • File Extension Change
  • Minimap
  • Select In Diagram
  • UML Preferences
  • Resolved Issues
    • Select in Diagram #245
    • Incorrect underlining when WordWrap is true #244
    • Zoom fit to window #242
    • Horizontal forks/joins in activity diagrams #241
    • Use Case and Actor are not shown properly when Decoration with Label and Icon with Label #240
    • Messages are not deleted when deleting Connector in Communication Diagram #239
    • Interface always shows <> in Explorer #238
    • Difficult to manipulate Messages in Communication Diagram #237
    • QuickEdit for Extension Point #235
    • Exported Diagram has '.umlj' file extension when exclude '.jpg', '.svg' or '.png' #232
    • Open a file by drag-and-drop #231
    • Preferences for UML Elements #227
    • Mini-map for big diagrams #221
    • Notification when extension updates are available. #203

2.0.0-beta.8 (2014/09/19)

  • Show/Hide Types and Multiplicities.
  • Support Use Case Subject (aka. System Boundary)
  • Multi-Instance in LifeLine
  • Toast UI
  • Resolved Issues
    • Enlarge documentation textarea #215
    • Multi-Instance in LifeLine #216
    • Improve the way of creating Found and Lost Message #217
    • Prevent invalid reconnection of relationships by drag-and-drop #218
    • [Windows] Difficulty in using dropdowns of ComboBox #219
    • Show/Hide Types in Classes, Messages, Instances, etc. #223
    • [Windows] Scrollbar style is not applied when it launched. #224
    • Support Use Case Subject (aka. System Boundary) in Use Case Diagram #225
    • Show/Hide multiplicity in Classes and Associations #229
    • Show/Hide Toolbox and Editors in View menu #230
    • Diagram is not moved by drag and drop in Explorer #233
    • Unlocking in Toolbox is not done at once where elements are contained in other groups (e.g. Dependency). #234

Staruml License Key

2.0.0-beta.7 (2014/08/29)

  • Stability Improvement.
  • Restore Working File and Diagrams
  • Resolved Issues
    • Edited documentation is disappeared when select another element. #214
    • Open recently working file when app is launched #213
    • Error in un-doing deletion of containerView with containedViews. #212
    • Show Quick Edit when an element is created on a diagram #211
    • Problem in copy and paste a model element in Explorer #210
    • Right-click selection in Explorer #209
    • Angle brackets ('<', '>') should be accepted in QuickEdit #208
    • Disable 'Add' and 'Add Diagram' menu item when nothing available to add. #207
    • Distinguish Project file extension (.umlj) and Fragment file extension (.umlf). #206
    • Ctrl+A in Documentation should select all text. #205
    • Restore working diagrams and active diagram when a file is opened #200

2.0.0-beta.6 (2014/08/18)

  • Extension Manager
  • Java Extension (Code Generation and Reverse Engineering)
  • Word Wrap
  • Show Properties and Tags
  • Drag and Drop Relationships from Explorer to Diagram
  • Check for Updates
  • Resolved Issues
    • Error in changing source or target of MessageView in Sequence Diagram by drag-and-drop #204
    • Formatting JSON in UMLJ file (not in single line) #202
    • Allow drag-and-drop relationships from Explorer to Diagram #199
    • Self-association view is duplicated when creating by drag-and-drop from Explorer #198
    • Error in creating Submachine State #197
    • Incorrect moving of NodeLabelView (e.g. UMLPortView) #196
    • Show Property on Relationships #195
    • Hide 'undefined' in InteractionOperand #194
    • Allows default actions of Cmd+C,X,V,A,Z,Y for focused inputs not in Dialogs. #193
    • Word Wrap Support #161
    • Check for updates #148
    • Extension Manager #51

2.0.0-beta.5 (2014/07/31)

  • New User Interface
  • Menu Structure Improvement
  • Preferences Improvement
  • Resolved Issues
    • Flat-style new UI design #187
    • Apply UML Standard Profile when creating items in Robustness #191
    • Problem on initial sizing of views (when importing StarUML 1 files) #189
    • Add Directed Link in Toolbox #188
    • Profile should be created when ProfileDiagram is created in non-Profile element. #186
    • Bugs in Recent Files #185

2.0.0-beta.4 (2014/07/07)

  • Diagram Generator Feature
  • Diagram Layout Improvement
  • Core Refactoring in many parts
  • Resolved Issues
    • Dashed line is not supported in SVG export #184
    • Interface's socket view is failed when exporting diagram #183
    • Save As to existing file is failed #182
    • Writing raisedExceptions of Operation to file is failed #181
    • Exporting to SVG is not working #180
    • Importing staruml1 model files is blocked #179
    • Compartment items that was created when the compartment is invisible are not showing (e.g. Attributes). #178
    • Show/Hide visibility and stereotype on relations (e.g. Associations and AssociationEnds) #177
    • Generate Overview, TypeHierarchy, Package Structure diagrams #158
    • Diagram Export extension should be changed to internal API #112

Staruml For Mac Os X

2.0.0-beta.3 (2014/06/23)

  • Performance Improvement
  • Menus and Context Menus Improvement
  • Core Refactoring in many parts
  • Resolved Issues
    • Re-assign all ids of imported fragment #175
    • Undoing re-executed command is not working #174
    • ShowCompartmentVisibility, ShowCompartmentStereotype, ShowProperty are not working #173
    • Alignment menus are not working #171
    • Show original selection in ElementPicker when popup. #170
    • Removing all parameters of an operation in QuickEdit not working #169
    • TreeView performance improvement #168
    • Dependency for Package Diagram #167
    • Allows default actions of Cmd+C,X,V,A,Z,Y,Delete,Backspace for Text Boxes #164
    • Prevent copy and paste attribute views #163
    • Show error and remove the non-exist file in the Recent Files #150
    • Trigger APP_READY when all extensions were loaded #144

2.0.0-beta.2 (2014/05/29)

  • Automatic diagram layout
  • Keyboard manipulation on Diagram Editor
  • QuickEdit animation support
  • Resolved Issues
    • Prevent Cmd+C,X,V,Delete of Main Menu when TextBox has focus. #160
    • Shake animation when expression errors in QuickEdit #157
    • File extension (.umlj) is not supported in SaveDialog in Windows #156
    • Keyboard shortcut problems in Windows #155
    • Problem in showing error when expression parsing errors in QuickEdit #154
    • Keyboard manipulation on Diagram Editor #153
    • Incorrect File Associations: text files (.java, .properties, ...) are associated with StarUML in Windows #152
    • Documentation content is lost when selecting other element in Explorer. #149
    • Use OS's default scrollbar in Mac OS X #147
    • Brackets conflicts #122
    • Auto Layout Diagram #49

2.0.0-beta.1 (2014/05/18)

  • The first public release.
  • New versioning scheme. (Previous StarUML version is v5.0, but we do not use the version number no more and we use new version number starting from 2.0.0).

Unified Modeling Language is a language which is standardized and it uses specific symbols. This helps to depict processes, architectures and systems in a pictorial method for better retention and understandability. The way these software help are : they are that Easy to draw common software diagrams and UML diagrams is possible.

Staruml Pdf


These come with Easy-to-use software diagrams design tools with rich examples and templates, Some of these software either come free or provide Free upgrade for ever as well as free technology support.

Free UML Software Design Tool

This UML Diagram software is meant for modeling, building and deployment. This has all the features of Visual Paradigms as well as ERD tools. It makes system modeling effective, easy and cheap. You can produce detailed specification of designs as well. The stories can be written and managed with sprint, use cases and tags. It can be used for initiating changes and improving workflows.

Create a UML Diagram

This has set symbols and through it complex processes as well as architecture and systems can be depicted. Using this software, class diagrams, state diagrams, object diagrams, activity, use case, sequence, component, collaboration and deployment diagrams can be created. Templates too are pre-fed so that helps speed up the process for new users.

Staruml for mac os versions


This software can be used with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux 32 as well as 64 bit. It allows for evaluation but in order for it to be continuously used, it needs to be purchased. This software can be used for different UML diagrams like component, deployment, composite structure, sequence, statechart, communication, profile diagrams, activity, usecase, class as well as object.

UML Diagram Software

This helps software engineers as well as those designers who draw detailed designs as well as UML Diagrams. This works the UML Model Diagram, data flow model diagrams, COM and OLE Software diagrams, SSADM Software diagram, Jacobson use case software diagrams, program structure diagrams, Nassi Schneiderman software diagrams, ROOM diagrams, Yourdon and Coad design diagrams and more. It also provides Free upgrade for ever and free technology support as well.


This is an open source free UML modeling tool and it supports all UML 1.4 diagrams. This is capable of running on Java platforms as well as is available in 10 languages. This works on Mac OS X of version 10.3 or later. It allows for export diagrams like SVG, EPS, PGML, PNG and GIF. It also helps with reverse and forward engineering.

DrawExpress Diagram Lite

Using this software flowcharts and diagrams can be drawn intuitively and easily. It can be used for a variety of purposes and for drawing network diagrams, ER Diagrams, ArchiMate, State and class diagrams, sequence diagrams, use case and more. This can even be exported to different formats such as PNG, DE and SVG as well as can be shared using Dropbox and Email.


This is open source and free. It can be used to draw UML Diagrams, build sequences and activity diagrams. Using this export diagrams to pdf, eps, jpg, clipboard and svg are possible. It can be used either as stand-alone or as a plug in with Windows, OS X as well as Linux.

What is UML Diagram software ?

This software helps you to create UML Diagrams quickly. Based on text input the elements can be modified. It allows for different kinds of diagrams and some of these allow the users to create and make their own UML Elements.
Using these tools flowcharts, process flows, BPMN, Mind Maps, Organization charts, Decision trees, feature lists and visual notes can be created.You can also see Flow Chart Software

These have fast gesture recognition and can be exported to different forms as well as attached to emails. These softwares come with UML Diagram examples as well as templates and icons to further make life simpler.

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