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  1. Super Mario Run features a gameplay structure similar to the iconic Super Mario Bros. For those not familiar with the game 1985 game, the original Super Mario allows players to explore the various world within the Mushroom Kingdom in a heroic quest to rescue Princess Toadstool or Peach along with her minions from King Bowser.
  2. Super Mario Bros. Rom for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and play Super Mario Bros. On your devices windows pc, mac,ios and android!
  3. The main SMBX download at won't run at all on a Mac, since it's a Windows executable. The thread I linked you to contains a download that allows you to run SMBX through Wine, which is about 95% functional, courtesy of Axiom and someone named UltraMario.

How to play

Use arrows [↑→↓←] or W-A-S-D keys to move Mario, to jump higher hold the button.
Use Shift/CTRL to Fire/Sprint. Use P to pause and M to mute.

Super mario bros download mac

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You can play continuously or select a level out of 32 any time you want.
There is also an option to generate a random map. It's an infinite fun!


In this game you are playing the role of the Mario. You are going through the Mushroom Kingdom, surviving the forces of the antagonist Bowser, and saving Princess Toadstool. Mario should reach the flag pole at the end of each level to win the game.

There is a lot of coins scattered around for Mario to collect and special bricks marked with a question mark, which may reveal more coins or a special item when Mario hits them. Other bricks may also contain some coins or rare items so if you have enough time, try to hit them as well. If Mario eats a Super Mushroom , he becomes a Super Mario — he grows to double his size and gains the ability to break bricks above him. If he gets hit in this mode he will turn back to regular Mario instead of dying. If Mario eats a Fire Flower , he becomes a Fire Mario — in this form, Mario gains the ability to throw bouncing fireballs from his hands. If Mario touches a bouncing Super Star (a rare power-up), he turns into Star Mario. In this form Mario is invulnerable to nearly everything and he can kill enemies with a simple touch. This is a temporary form so use your newly obtained powers quickly!

You can read more about the gameplay here.

Super Mario Bros For Mac



i love this so much!
Super Mario Bros For MacMario

Download Super Mario Bros For Mac

i love it but i am a noob at compleateing whorld 1-4
I broke it and there were hundreds of mushroom enemies and they died when I touched them

New Super Mario Bros For Mac

i love it
it is awsome i am so glad I found this
I LOVE the old Super Mario Brothers,they are amazing!
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Super Mario Bros X combines all those elements that have made the sage to be one of the best videogames in history. That means we are in front of an spectacular videogame, a must have for any Mario lover out there.
The game includes dozens of levels and phases where we will transform our favorite plumber thanks to power ups and many other items, Yoshis included.
The best of all this, is that we can play alone or with a friend, what makes it to be even funnier. So, if you are at home with a friend, let him play as Luigi and have fun both two.
Super Mario Bros X is an excellent Mario clone, much better than any other Mario clones we have played. We could say it is in the top 3 Mario clones.
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