The S M Exoscope For Mac

The s m exoscope for macular degeneration

S (m)exoscope is an oscilloscope AU plugin for Mac OS X wich allows you to visually monitor audio waveforms. S (M)exoscope is a oscilloscope plugin for Windows and Mac, originally released by Bram de Jong and Sean Evans of Smart Electronix.

I'm trying to use this program to help aid my synthesizer education after seeing a video about it ( but ableton doesn't seem to recognize it.

The S M Exoscope For Mac Os

The S M Exoscope For MacThe S M Exoscope For MacI downloaded the program, had to use unarchiver to open it, and got this file with a weird face as an icon which is listed as a 'VST plug-in' in it's information. I moved it to the VST folder and it doesn't get scanned in to ableton.

Smexoscope 64 Bit

The S M Exoscope For Macular Degeneration

Spectrum doesn't seem to allow the same view I'm looking for, is there another program or did I miss something?
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