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The public readily accepted WMV is later used on HD DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, internet movies, web streaming clips and many more. However, for Mac users, WMV is a hit and miss file format. WMVs are hard to play on QuickTime. And editing them using iMovie is such a challenging task to deal with. Importing WMV files to iTunes is similarly difficult. How to Convert WMV to AVI? Click the “Choose Files” button to select your WMV files. Click the “Convert to AVI” button to start the conversion.

Sometimes you might need to convert AVI to WMV on Mac. After all, now,many people around you are still working with PCs. WMV files are the files fully accepted by Windows. You are likely to send your friends or workmates emails with WMV files attached, or share your newly recorded AVI files with them. And if you want to do that without any limit, you need to convert AVI to WMV Mac. This article is specilly written down to tell you how to accomplish your goal by using the AVI to WMV converter Mac (macOS High Sierra included).

Part 1: The Best Way to Convert AVI to WMV on Mac & Windows

Here I highly recommend the professional UniConverter. It is an easy-designed, but powerful app to help you achieve your goal. It can convert videos from and to formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV, MKV, and more. Its optimized presets function allows you to output the video directly to fit iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and other Android devices. You can follow the below simple steps to process the AVI to WMV conversion.

Get the Best AVI to WMV Video Converter:

  • It supports to convert AVI to WMV within several simple clicks.
  • You are able to edit your AVI files before converting to WMV. And you can use the built-in video editing tools to trim, crop, rotate or add effects to your videos.
  • If necessary, you can extract audio from your AVI or WMV videos without any quality loss.
  • Burn AVI, WMV or any video to DVD as you want.
  • Convert video/audio files to 150+ formats, such as AVI, WMV, MKV, MP4, MOV, VOB, FLV, MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, etc.
  • Download videos from YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, Facebook, and more popular sites.

Step-by-step Guide to Convert AVI to WMV on Mac

Step 1: Load AVI files to the AVI to WMV Mac program

Drag and drop AVI files to the Mac converter. Or head to the main menu, choose 'Add Files' to locate the AVI files you want to add. In order to save your time, the Mac app additionally supplies you batch conversion function which enables you to import more than one AVI files at one time for conversion.

If you want to merge several AVI clips to WMV, you can import all the AVI files you need, and then turn on the 'Merge All Videos' button.

Step 2: Choose WMV as output format

For this part, open the format list then select 'WMV' under the 'Video' section. What's more, you are considerately offered some predefined settings for popular devices and apps like BlackBerry, PSP, Xbox and so on which would save your time a lot during the AVI to WMV Mac conversion.

Step 3: Start the AVI to WMV Mac conversion

AVI to WMV Mac conversion could be finished automatically, once you click the 'Convert' button in the main interface of the app. And after the Mac conversion, you can use your AVI videos without any problem. The AVI to WMV Video Converter for Mac works well on iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air running macOS 10.7 and above.

Part 2: Convert AVI to WMV Free Online

The same functionality can be achieved by some online video converters as well, but each of them has downsides. You can know them first, and then decide which way you need to go.

#1. Free Online AVI to WMV Converter

Provided by Office Converter's website, the Free Online AVI to WMV Converter tool is one of those online apps that you may want to use if you don't own a professional AVI to WMV conversion application. It may have some downsides, such as a slow upload speed, but this is something that you will encounter with most online converters. On the other hand though, the conversion process is very fast and you won't have to wait that much until you can download the file to your desktop.

Usage: You need to enter the website and choose the first method, which involves uploading the AVi file you want to convert to WMV. Wait until the upload is complete, which can take a while depending on the size of your file, then press the Start Convert button. The conversion process is very fast and after that you will be presented with the output file which can be downloaded without a problem.

A very intuitive conversion process and fast conversion speed.
Upload speeds are slow at times.

#2. Convert Files

It is a website that's actually very easy to use and which brings support for quite a lot of formats. Aside from the normal video files that you might expect from an online converter, you can also choose to convert between multiple archive types, office documents, e-books, presentations, drawings and many others. Convert Files aims to be an all-in one solution for all your conversion needs and in most cases it succeeds. However, depending on the file you want to convert, you should expect some long loading times and slow download speeds.

Usage: You open the website link, then choose the local file you want to upload from your computer. It's important to know that you can also download and convert online videos. After that, you need to select the input format, which is AVI, as well as the output format which in this case is WMV. There is also an option to send a download link to your mail address, but that's purely optional. Press the Convert button then wait for the process to complete and enjoy your video.

Wmv To Avi Mac

Smart interface and the ability to process lots of formats.
Download speed is slow and some downloads can be interrupted.

Optional: Online Tool to Convert AVI to WMV

If you want to convert AVI videos to WMV without installing a desktop software program, just try this free online AVI to WMV converter below:

Troubleshooting for Converting AVI to WMV

While converting AVI to WMV is a pretty straightforward job, there are some questions that arise from time to time regarding the quality and speed of the conversion process.

* How long does the conversion process take?
This mainly depends on the application you use for the conversion process, but most of the time this is made in a few seconds, without too much hassle.

* I can't play the video!
When you encounter this problem the cause will most likely be the input video. It can be corrupted during the upload process (if you are using an online tool) or you might not have the necessary codecs installed on your Mac which are required to play a WMV file.


* How many files can I convert at once?
With the help of the UniConverter for Mac you can convert an unlimited number of files at the same time. They will be added as a batch in queue and will be converted individually, then the next file will be converted and so on. In the case of online converters, you need to add files individually.

* Is the output video playable on a Mac?
Sure, as long as you have a video player that supports the WMV format. Flip4Mac Player, VLC and even QuickTime (with some additional plugins and components) can do this without any problem.

In summary, converting AVI to WMV is something that you can easily do at any given time on your Mac, as long as you use one of the applications presented above. It's up to you if you want an online application or the speed and robustness of a dedicated application that you can use whenever you need to perform such a conversion.

Windows Media Video or better known for its acronym WMV is a video file format originally developed by Microsoft for internet streaming applications. The public readily accepted WMV is later used on HD DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, internet movies, web streaming clips and many more. However, for Mac users, WMV is a hit and miss file format. WMVs are hard to play on QuickTime. And editing them using iMovie is such a challenging task to deal with. Importing WMV files to iTunes is similarly difficult. But Mac users are not the only enthusiasts having problems with WMV. A number of Windows users are also having troubles with this format.

So if you don’t want incompatibilities issues with Mac, technical difficulties in Windows and problems with certain applications, the best thing to do is to convert WMV to MOV. MOV is a high quality video file format developed by Apple and known for high quality compression rate with greater versatility.

Easy Methods to Convert WMV to MOV


For Windows Users


Free Way – Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

If you don’t want to install additional software on your PC but needs a reliable file converter, you could try Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter. This web-based application is fully compatible with all versions of Windows. It can convert both audio and video files in MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, ASF, FLV, 3GP, MPG, M4A, MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, RA, OGG and many more.

Unlike other free online converters, the program comes absolutely free with no file size restrictions or time limitations. Equally, you don’t need to create an account or register on the website before you can convert WMV to QuickTime. This handy tool allows you to change video resolution and adjust settings if necessary without sacrificing quality. Even more, it is equipped with video editing functions like trimming parts, inlaying watermarks and so on.


Professional Way – Video Converter Studio

Convert To Wmv Mac

On the other hand, if you want a more refined and feature-filled WMV to MOV converter, you can go to check out Video Converter Studio. This powerful program can convert any video formats with no loss in quality. Aside from WMV and MOV, it supports a wide variety of video and audio formats from commonly known container files to specialized ones. You can similarly use this software to preserve HD quality files.

It is packed with amazing features. It comes with an audio and video editor, built-in media player, subtitle support, embedding of watermarks, and many more. On top of these things, this all-in-one video converter is additionally equipped with video downloader and screen recorder so you can do more things besides file converting.


For Mac Users


Wmv File Mac

Free Way – FlipForMac

For Apple fanboys, you can convert WMV to MOV on Mac for free by using the plugin called FlipForMac. It is not a program but rather a Windows Media Component made exclusively available for QuickTime. They have a FlipForMac Player available but all you need is free version of the plugin to be able to change WMV to MOV. Likewise, it is very easy to use. Just open QuickTime and load the WMV file you wish to convert. From the “file” menu select “save as”, then select the file format as “Movie”. Instantly you will notice that the file extension changes from .WMV to .MOV. Click “Save” and wait until the process completes.

While FlipForMac is very simple to use, it doesn’t provide a direct solution to convert WMV to QuickTime. Many users are reporting that it can’t even open the WMV file in the player while there are those having problems working with copyrighted videos. Also, it doesn’t support conversion of other file formats. Worst is that there is a watermark embedded on the video after a successful file conversion.


Professional Way – Video Converter for Mac

If you’re not satisfied with the above mentioned method, you can still convert WMV to MOV on Mac by using Apowersoft Video Converter for Mac. This awesome video converter is compatible to all versions of Mac. Aside from blazing fast conversion speed, you can also use it to modify popular audio formats. The Video Converter for Mac offers a reliable file conversion with no loss in quality. It supports both standard and high definition video formats including MP4, MOV, QT, M4V, WMV, ASF, WEBM, HD MOV, HD AVI, HD FLV, MOD and many more.

Just like its Windows counterpart, the program is brimming with extra features. It has a built-in video downloader, flexible editor, audio extractor, batch file converter, media player, AVCHD support, specialized output sizes for specific devices, and easy to use interface.


If you’re thinking to convert WMV to MOV free no watermark, we would recommend you to try Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter. If you want to avoid this thing from happening and want to enjoy extra functionalities on top of file conversion, it is best to look for professional applications specifically designed to run smoothly on your system.

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